3D Systems' product focused on reconstructive surgery for the head and neck area is VSP Reconstruction. The most widely used application is for mandibular or maxillary reconstruction using the fibula free flap and other vascularized grafts. Reconstruction techniques for trauma, congenital defects or tumors of the facial skeleton also benefit from the VSP Reconstruction product. Expertise in surgical planning, guide/template design and 3D printing combine to offer a product useful for improving surgeon confidence and enhancing outcomes.


    Surgeons report that use of the VSP Reconstruction product enables them to perform these surgeries with more confidence and a 3D understanding as compared to cases without pre-surgical planning. Dozens of peer reviewed journal articles substantiate the use of the VSP Reconstruction templates, models and guides in helping to reduce surgical time and create more accurate reconstructions.


      • Reconstructed model of the anatomy showing the proposed post-operative outcome with graft in place.
      • Patient specific resection guide(s) for the maxilla and/or mandible, to allow accurate transfer of the digital plan.
      • Graft osteotomy guide for the donor site that contains precise osteotomies to create closing wedges, if needed.
      • Metal instrument(s) that fit into the resection or osteotomy guides to provide for more accurate osteotomies and eliminate debris.