What are the Benefits of Stereolithography?

  • SLA Applications

    Tolerances on SLA parts are typically less than 0.05 millimeters, making it an excellent choice when precision is your top priority. Delivering the smoothest surface finish of any additive manufacturing process, the quality of SLA parts makes this  versatile technology great for: 

Customer Stories
Speed, accuracy, and material selection of 3D Systems ProJet® 7000 HD makes SLA integral to pre-production process, from prototyping to packaging. ...
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Packaging agency selects 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing team for the delivery of true-to-life prototypes for glass and PET bottles. ...
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3D Systems’ scan-to-CAD workflow and On Demand Manufacturing services help restore hundred-year-old car accurately and cost-effectively...
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SLA Material Properties & Uses

3D Systems’ Accura® SLA resins are the industry’s gold standard for accuracy, providing excellent resolution, surface finish and dimensional tolerances

SLA materials are available for parts requiring similar characteristics to injection-molded ABS or polypropylene such as snap-fit assemblies, automotive styling components, and master patterns, and for higher-temperature applications and exceptional clarity. Biocompatible materials are available for a wide range of medical applications, such as surgical tools, dental appliances, and hearing aids. Other materials are specifically formulated for investment casting patterns, offering low ash creation and high accuracy while also being expendable.

  • SLA-black-toy-housing-940X494


    Similar aesthetics and properties to injection-molded ABS.

  • 3d-systems-sla-prox-800-lacrosse-helmet-accura25-940X494

    Tough & Durable

    Look and feel of polypropylene.

  • accura clearvue lense


    Including the industry's highest clarity material for polycarbonate-like parts.

  • 3d-systems-QuickCast_IMG_3476-940X494


    Expendable resins specifically formulated for QuickCast® sacrificial patterns for investment casting.

  • sla-prox-800-accura-bluestone-sauber-windtunnel-model-frontwing-benzing72dpi-940X494

    Composites & High Temperature

    Heat deflection temperatures up to over 215˚C (419°F) offering exceptional performance under extreme conditions.

  • accura-sapphire-sla-ring

    Specialty Materials

    Including options for jewelry-specific casting and dental models' production. 

  • SLA Materials

    Explore the full portfolio of 3D Systems' Accura resins for prototypes, production tooling, and end-use production parts.

  • Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printers

    3D Systems' SLA is an integrated additive manufacturing solution of hardware, software, and materials, fine-tuned to achieve the gold standard in surface finish and accuracy. The edge definition, tolerances, and accuracy of SLA parts rival machined or molded plastic parts.


Go from design to true-to-CAD SLA printed parts without a third-party software using 3D Systems' exclusive 3D Sprint® software.

Our SLA resin 3D printers offer a range of build volumes and price points.

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