• Minimize your lead time to quality parts

    With 3DXpert you no longer need to go back and forth between several different solutions to get the job done. 3DXpert offers everything you need in a single software solution. Now you can use the same tool to: import part data; position the part; optimize the geometry and lattice creation; create optimal supports; simulate printing and post-processing to verify the final part will match design intent; set printing strategies; calculate the scan-path; arrange the build platform; send parts to print; and even machine the final product when necessary.

New 3DXpert Version 14 - Facilitate Metal Additive Production

  • Support Multiple Print Heads - Increase Production Throughput while Maintaining Seamless Part Quality
  • Facilitate Engineering Change Orders (ECO) - Quickly Respond to Changes
  • Faster and Enhanced Simulation - Shorten Design to Manufacturing Lead-time
  • Enhanced Orientation - Shorten Preparation Time with Better User Control

These are only some of the many new features and enhancements introduced by 3DXpert 14. 

3DXpert Work Process - From Design to Manufacturing

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Why Choose 3DXpert

  • Work With Any Geometry for Greater Agility, Quality and Speed

    Seamlessly work with both B-rep (solid or surfaces) and mesh triangulation formats (e.g. STL). Save valuable time, and have greater flexibility to make changes to the model at any stage of the process, using history based parametric CAD tools. Eliminate the need to convert solid or surface data into mesh and improve data quality and integrity.

  • Enjoy the Ultimate Combination of Automation and Full User Control

    Use the ideal mix of tools for automating repetitive tasks while allowing controling each and every parameter and aspect of the entire design and manufacturing process. Get the most out of your printer using pre-defined best practice parameters for each printer, material, and print strategy or develop your own printing strategies with unprecedented control.

  • Optimize Printing Strategies to Shorten Print Time and Ensure Quality

    Assign optimal print strategies to different zones and automatically fuse them into a single scan-path to minimize print time while maintaining part integrity. Unique and diverse printing strategies takes into account the design intent and part geometry to create an effective scan-path that addresses the challenges of 3D metal Printing.