More Than 750 Postprocessors Support All Multi-task Machining Functions

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® software for maximizing programming efficiency of CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, announced today that it will demonstrate its complete GibbsCAM MTM (multi-task machining) solutions at EMO, the world's largest trade show dedicated to metalworking equipment and productivity, this year held in Milan, Italy, from October 5-10, 2009. The company will also highlight new rough milling additions and its new 64-bit GibbsCAM, among many new product features. GibbsCAM will be showcased in Cimatron Group's booth (Hall 9, Booths A10 and A12), with additional demonstrations in exhibits of several machine tool partners who build both "standard" and Swiss style multi-task machines.

"We expect MTM solutions to generate the most interest at this year's EMO because, efficiently programmed, multi-task machines provide huge improvements in productivity," says Bill Gibbs, Gibbs and Associates company founder and president. "The ability to execute multiple operations in a single set-up, on a single CNC machine, allows optimizing profitability, especially necessary during the current worldwide recession."

GibbsCAM MTM software fully supports all the functions available on standard multi-task machines and Swiss style machines, including subspindles, live tooling, Y-axis on all turrets, multiple turrets doing simultaneous machining, synchronization to optimize turret utilization and cycle times, and full 4- and 5-axis simultaneous machining, through its standard programming features and over 750 MTM postprocessors. GibbsCAM MTM also includes Cut Part Rendering, an integrated toolpath verification module. Furthermore, toolpaths generated with GibbsCAM MTM can be fully simulated, dynamically, with GibbsCAM Machine Simulation for visual verification and collision detection and avoidance.

GibbsCAM MTM, New Rough Milling & 64-bit Version of GibbsCAM Will be Highlighted at EMO 2009
GibbsCAM MTM Cut Part Rendering displays a brass bushing cut on
Gildemeister Sprint 65 twin-spindle, three-turret automatic lathe.

"The need for lower costs through more efficient machining has never been higher," adds Bill Gibbs. "As one of the first to provide integrated CAM software for MTM, with continuous enhancements to make CNC programming faster and more efficient for turning, milling and MTM, we anticipate a high interest in GibbsCAM software at EMO."

Among enhancements to be demonstrated for GibbsCAM milling applications are new features for Plunge Roughing, which will make productivity gains in roughing operations more efficient with flexible programming options. Most important to users is that Plunge Roughing is no longer a GibbsCAM plug-in, but a fully integrated "process" within GibbsCAM. In addition to linear toolpaths with cutting direction at any angle, users can now create circular patterns, patterns between two guide curves, and contour patterns. To minimize tool wear, a "pull-off" retraction has been added. Expanded functionality of core or cavity selection already in GibbsCAM, is now available within Plunge Roughing. Plunge Roughing allows the specification of containment regions by defining containment surfaces, containment geometry or using the stock bodies to localize areas for machining. The new integrated Plunge Roughing capability is included in the latest version of GibbsCAM.

Gibbs and Associates will also demonstrate the new 64-bit release of GibbsCAM. The 64-bit version will enable users to work with much larger files and to achieve faster and more accurate results with certain toolpath generation, postprocessing and graphic intensive functions. It will also enhance efficiency and accuracy in evaluating machining operations with the toolpath rendering and machine simulation modules, in addition to providing full compatibility with 64-bit CAD systems, such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor, which are all Gibbs Partner products.

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