Enhancements to GibbsCAM overall with an additional focus on high speed machining.

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, announced today that GibbsCAM 2008 will be previewed at WESTEC 2008. This release introduces enhanced capabilities across the entire GibbsCAM product family, along with a complete range of 3-axis milling functionality with support for high speed machining. WESTEC is being held at the Los Angles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on March 31st – April 3rd, 2008.

"We continue to expand on GibbsCAM's world class production machining capabilities," states Bill Gibbs, founder and president of Gibbs and Associates. "With this release a majority of enhancements have been made to system core, so all GibbsCAM modules benefit from them. This ensures that all customers will receive considerable value with this release. In addition, there are new 3-axis surface machining capabilities that provide more control and flexibility in toolpath generation with integral high speed machining support. The new functionality is keeping with GibbsCAM's tradition of uniquely blending ease-of-use and powerful functionality, a combination that can't be beaten in production machining."

Some of the more significant enhancements in the upcoming GibbsCAM 2008 release are:

  • Virtually unlimited undo/rollback capability
  • Multiple viewport display capability
  • Toolpath tool traversal visualization
  • Hidden line toolpath display
  • Pre-select highlighting
  • Expanded display color management
  • Advanced 3D, high-speed machining for SolidSurfacer®
  • Support for 3D Material Only
  • Support for more advanced tool shapes (tapered tools)
  • New types of finishing processes (e.g. Surface Step-over Cut and Steep/Shallow Combination)
  • Improved toolpath quality
  • Options to provide toolpath that better supports High Speed Machining
  • Improved use of boundaries
  • Enhanced entry/exit control
  • Ability to directly machine Faceted bodies, including imported STL files
  • Automatic Core/Cavity detection for inside out or outside in determination
  • Operation splitting for tool wear and for optimal length out of holder
  • Multi-threaded for multi-CPU machines and to support batch toolpath generation
  • Automatic filleting of a surface to avoid sharp concave corners

For more information about GibbsCAM, GibbsCAM's production machining capabilities or to see the capabilities being introduced with GibbsCAM 2008, go to the GibbsCAM booth, #3268. Information about GibbsCAM is also available at the company's website, www.GibbsCAM.com. For information about CimatronE, Cimatron's solution for tooling manufacturing, please visit the Cimatron booth at WESTEC, #2971, or go to the company's website, www.Cimatron.com.