Thanks Customers, Employees & Partners for Landmark Anniversary

Gibbs and Associates, a Cimatron company and developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming CNC machine tools, celebrates 25 years of success. Entering its 26th year, the company continues to enhance and develop its cutting-edge GibbsCAM to support the latest machine tools, from the simplest to the most complex. While maintaining its ability to generate and verify toolpaths for increasingly complex parts with its integrated suite of modules, GibbsCAM remains one of the easiest NC programming systems to learn and use.

In January, 2008, Gibbs and Associates merged with Cimatron Ltd., a leading provider of CAD/CAM solutions for the tool, die and mold making markets, to become an independently operated subsidiary of the Cimatron Group. The combination provides customers a much broader range of best-in-class CAD/CAM applications, and provides the combined company a much stronger, worldwide presence to access and support customers in manufacturing.

Powerfully Simple, Simply Powerful has been a guiding philosophy for Gibbs development, and the process-based approach to CNC programming has given GibbsCAM a reputation as "developed by machinists for machinists." The resulting breadth of capabilities, with easy-to-use interface, continue to gain more customers for the company.

Since 1984, Gibbs and Associates' goal has been to provide customers the most effective CAM system available. Throughout its history, GibbsCAM has demonstrated its lead in the wide field of PC-based CAM software.

 "We owe our success and longevity to our customers, our employees, our GibbsCAM Resellers  and other industry partners," said Bill Gibbs, president and founder. "Without them, we would not be celebrating this landmark year. We thank our customers and partners with continued support and a promise to keep GibbsCAM as powerful, as efficient, and as easy to use as we can, always with an effort to keep it in step with developing CAD and machine tool capabilities."

Gibbs & Associates 25th Anniversary

To retain its leadership in customer support throughout its 25-year history, Gibbs and Associates has developed and maintained strong partnerships with leading, worldwide CAD developers, control manufacturers and machine tool builders. Collaboration with industry partners resulted in GibbsCAM's ability to directly import part and assembly models in multiple CAD formats, and to support machines with integrated toolpath verification, machine-tool simulation and thousands of post processors.

While other CAM companies believed MTM to be an insignificant niche when MTM machines were being introduced, Gibbs and Associates saw their potential uses and future user requirements. Now that multi-task machining is the fastest growing sector in the industry, GibbsCAM MTM is the software of choice for programming the increasingly complex machines.

In support of all these machines, Gibbs has increased its library of post processors to over 10,000, including more than 550 specifically developed for Swiss and "standard" multi-task machines. With perpetual advancements in machine tool technology, the company continues product development and industry collaboration to ensure support for the latest functions of multi-axis turning, milling and multi-task machines, with enhancements to make programming fast and easy, and machining as efficient as possible.