PTC Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Providing Industry Leading Styling and Surfacing

NEEDHAM, Mass., April 9, 2001- PTC, the product development company™ (NASDAQ: PMTC), today announced a strategic licensing and development arrangement with Geomagic of Research Triangle Park, NC. According to the terms of the agreement, PTC will incorporate Geomagic's technology into future versions of Pro/ENGINEER, PTC's market-leading mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) software, and ICEM Surf, PTC's premier surfacing system. The agreement demonstrates PTC's ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the world's best styling and surfacing capabilities.

Geomagic's technology simplifies the process of reverse engineering, which entails capturing a physical object and creating a digital model of it to automate the design, engineering and manufacturing loop. Traditionally, the process required specialists and yielded inaccurate results. Geomagic enables users to automatically process a 3D-scanned part, turning it into a surface model that is directly useable within Pro/ENGINEER or ICEM Surf.

The incorporation of Geomagic technology within PTC products will allow customers to quickly and very accurately reverse engineer parts of any complexity, including those with organic shapes that are often considered too time-consuming or difficult to process in traditional CAD/CAM environments. The proposed integration will allow this process to be completed entirely within Pro/ENGINEER or ICEM Surf without the need for external data transfer.

Pro/ENGINEER and ICEM Surf users are looking forward to the ability to rapidly surface a scanned model.

"Rapid surfacing is an important step in our manufacturing process. Being able to quickly create freeform and complex surfaces from a physical model inside Pro/ENGINEER is something we always wanted," said Robert Kolich, manager, Design Service, Fisher-Price. "We are happy to know that Geomagic and PTC will work together to create an integrated solution for rapid surfacing inside Pro/ENGINEER."

For AUDI AG, one of the major requirements is fast surface generation based on scanned data in early design stages. "Rapid surfacing functionality in conjunction with ICEM Surf will be a major step forward in AUDI's design process," said Klaus Schallé, manager, fairing process exterior and interior, AUDI AG.

"Our partnership with Geomagic expands PTC's ability to service our customers with a rapid surfacing solution," said Jon Stevenson, executive vice president and general manager, MCAD solutions, PTC. "Rather than waiting for the development of Class A surfaces, customers can rapidly and accurately surface a scanned physical model and provide data for early feasibility studies in body engineering, analysis and manufacturing. This makes the existing process at many companies better and faster, allowing for the exploration of more design alternatives upfront, resulting in better products for the market."

"Our focus is to fully automate reverse engineering processes and integrate them into mainstream design, engineering and manufacturing," said Ping Fu, president and CEO of Geomagic. "The partnership with PTC is a major step in helping companies turn physical parts into digital assets that can increase design efficiency, reduce inventories and enable new manufacturing options."

PTC plans to offer an initial implementation of Geomagic's technology in the next releases of Pro/ENGINEER and ICEM Surf.

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ICEM Technologies, a subsidiary of PTC, is focused on driving the development and advancement of styling and surfacing solutions. This industry-leading technology combined with interoperability of PTC's MCAD software, provides customers the solutions they need to produce industry-leading products. Additional information on ICEM styling and surfacing solutions can be found at

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