Geomagic Qualify 8 with major automotive advances, Geomagic Blade for turbine inspection, and enhanced Geomagic Studio on display at Euromold

FRANKFURT, Germany, November 30, 2005- Geomagic will demonstrate new and upgraded products for digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) in hall 8, booth A34 at Euromold 2005: Geomagic Qualify 8, the latest version of its computer-aided inspection (CAI) software with major new automotive functionality; Geomagic Blade, the fastest growing inspection software exclusively for the turbo-machinery industry; and new Geomagic Studio software with improved registration and automated surfacing features.

Major breakthroughs in auto inspection

Geomagic Qualify 8 offers increased plug-in support for optical measurement systems and arm-mounted scan heads, unique integration with the FARO Laser Tracker and major new features to speed inspection analysis. Geomagic Qualify is used by automotive, aerospace, electrical and other industries worldwide to automatically process scan data into accurate 3D models for inspection analysis and reporting.

Geomagic Qualify 8 provides specific automotive functionality that has undergone extensive testing by Perceptron and a major U.S. automotive manufacturer as part of an Autoscan project. New features include:

  • Gap & flush comparison that adapts easily to any type of gap configuration and speeds analysis by automatically creating sections and dimensions.
  • Ring gauge inspection within software, providing greater accuracy by analyzing many more data elements, and eliminating the need to build physical ring gauges – generating major savings per gauge.
  • Edge (or hem) calculation that enables users to automatically compare scanned data to CAD data to evaluate spring-back, saving the manual work of creating sections and dimensions.

Geomagic Qualify 8 provides plug-ins and extended support for the Perceptron Contour Probe with both Cimcore and non-Cimcore arms, Faro Scan Arm and Laser Tracker, Konica-Minolta Vivid and Kreon Zephyr optical measurement systems. Faro Laser Tracker support in Geomagic Qualify 8 provides new capabilities for offline and real-time inspection. The real-time capability enables users to instantly compare a CAD model to the scan of a physical part being displayed on the screen as it is captured. The FARO Laser Tracker plug-in offers capabilities beyond Faro’s CAM2 software, enabling users to perform alignments and more sophisticated analysis for sectioning, 2D and 3D dimensioning, GD&T, wall thickness and reporting.

Geomagic Qualify has received the highest accuracy certification from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany’s technical authority for metrology and physical safety engineering; undergone successful gauge R&R testing by Honeywell and other major turbine manufacturers; and been certified by Fiat as part of a digital inspection process that exceeds standards set by ANFIA, the trade association that defines manufacturing methods for the Italian automotive industry.

“The [Geomagic Qualify] digital inspection process passed every test and exceeded all expectations,” says Domenico Bongiovanni, Fiat’s quality manufacturing engineer. “We believe it will enable us to inspect more part features in equal or less time than with CMM processes and automate other areas such as incoming inspection.”

Automated turbine blade analysis

Geomagic will show Geomagic Blade, new software developed specifically for turbine blade inspection, for the first time at Euromold 2005.

Geomagic Blade extends Geomagic Qualify to provide special features that have been tested and verified by leading turbo-machinery companies such as GE Power Systems, Honeywell, Howmet, PCC Airfoils LLC, Pratt & Whitney, Solar Turbines, Siemens and others. The module includes new techniques for aligning edge-to-pin contact, automatic dimensioning of blade-specific characteristics, and automated twist analysis.

Geomagic Studio 8 enhancements

An update of Geomagic Studio 8 will be shown for the first time at Euromold 2005. The latest version of Geomagic’s digital reconstruction software improves global registration to prevent slipping of closely aligned scans. Laser-line scanners supported by Geomagic Studio 8 benefit from improvements in real-time scanning performance, better alignment workflow, and the ability to take advantage of existing datum planes for feature creation.

Building on the new surfacing workflow introduced in Geomagic Studio 8, the latest version includes improvements to separator sets, extensions, curve editing, and NURBS continuity.

About Geomagic

Geomagic ( is a global company dedicated to advancing and applying 3D technology for the benefit of humanity. Geomagic’s scanning and design software solutions are used to capture and model 3D content from physical objects, organically sculpt complex shapes, and prepare products for manufacturing. In addition, the company produces powerful 3D metrology and inspection software that verifies dimensional quality by comparing as-built products to master designs. Geomagic’s Sensable Phantom haptic devices simulate the sense of touch in a digital environment. 

Geomagic’s software and hardware are utilized by world-class customers in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer products, toys, collectibles, coindesign, jewelry, fine art, heritage restoration, research, education, mold making, entertainment, training and surgical simulation. In fact, some of the world’s leading companies and research organizationsuse Geomagic software, including Ford, BMW,Boeing, Harley DavidsonTimberland, Mattel/Fisher Price, Lego, Pratt & WhitneyNASA, Schneider Electronic, 3M, Danaher and Invisalign. Geomagic is based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA, with an office in Boston, subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, and channel partners worldwide.


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