Ju Teng lifts productivity by 50%, thanks to CimatronE

Givat Shmuel, Israel – June 10, 2013 – Cimatron Limited (NASDAQ: CIMT) today announced the successful deployment of 400 seats of its integrated CAD/CAM solution CimatronE at the Ju Teng Group, which is one of the world's largest mold makers, claiming a third of the global market for notebook casings.

"Our adoption of CimatronE for our mold design, electrode and NC programming has enabled us to reduce costs and double our work capacity while maintaining our existing staff levels, and we can now provide our customers better quality molds delivered much more quickly," said Mr Luorongde, Vice President of the Ju Teng Group.

Ju Teng International Holdings is one of the world's largest producers of casings for electronic goods, claiming over 30% of the international market for the manufacture of notebook casings. With factories across mainland China and Taiwan, its tier-one customers include Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba.

Ju Teng began working with CimatronE in 2004 for electrode design and NC programming. Following a company-wide review, in 2010 Ju Teng decided to shift its mold design operations to CimatronE, and today the company hosts over 400 seats of the software.

"The benefits of shifting over our entire design and production to CimatronE were obvious," said Mr Luorongde.

"CimatronE offered strong capabilities for our mold making needs and allowed all of our CAD and CAM processes to be performed with the one software. Working in a 3D environment and using CimatronE's analysis tools, our staff has been able to accurately design molds for production, practically eliminating the need for trial-and-error on the shop floor. We've even been able to close one of our departments that was responsible for repairing mistakes in machined molds."

"It's always a risk for a company of our size to move all of our operations to a new software, particularly given the burden of implementation and training. However, Cimatron China provided an outstanding level of support during the process, with onsite training and technical assistance, as well as a willingness to work closely with us at all stages to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible."

The deployment of CimatronE has provided Ju Teng with results such as the following:

- As a single solution for both design and NC programming, CimatronE has eliminated the need for data translation between the CAD and NC departments. No data is lost and programmers no longer need to fix design errors, leading to major time savings and drastically reducing the number of mistakes.

- CimatronE files can contain product manufacturing information, further improving collaboration between departments.

- CimatronE's concurrent engineering capabilities mean that two or more designers can work on the same mold on different sub-assemblies, or one designer can work on the parting while the other works on the mold design. NC programming can begin while a mold is still being designed.

- As a 3D software with dedicated mold design tools, a rich set of analysis tools, and simulation, CimatronE has enabled the design and manufacturing of molds of the highest quality.

- The CimatronE ECO application has greatly improved Ju Teng's ability to manage the many ECOs it receives from customers.

- A hybrid solid surface environment for mending and parting has also helped to speed up the design process and ensured optimal quality.

"Our move to CimatronE was the best business decision we have ever made," said Mr Luorongde.

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