Experience CimatronE & GibbsCAM first-hand at SIMTOS, Korea, April 17-22, 2012

Cimatron Limited (NASDAQ and TASE: CIMT) has announced that its leading software products for machining and tooling will be featured at the forthcoming Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show (SIMTOS), Korea.

"The modern manufacturer faces so many challenges, especially in trying to reduce product turnaround times while maximizing quality and minimizing costs," said Mr. SK Lee, Cimatron's General Manager for Korea.

"This is where CimatronE and GibbsCAM come in, offering a powerful array of capabilities that have the potential to meet these challenges head on, giving manufacturers a significant boost to their overall levels of performance."

In addition to powerful CAD tools for NC, CimatronE provides solutions that include 2.5- to 5-axis milling for any job type, a rich machining strategies library, advanced collision detection and machining simulations, and post-processors for any machine and controller.

"Among the many recent enhancements to CimatronE is the groundbreaking NC SuperBox, the world's first toolpath acceleration device," said Mr. Lee.

"NC programmers find that their ability to work on concurrent tasks is significantly enhanced with the offloading of background toolpath calculations to the SuperBox, leading to increased tool shop productivity."

GibbsCAM caters to a diverse range of machining needs, offering 2- to 5-Axis milling, turning, mill/turn, rotary milling, high speed machining, Swiss, wire EDM, tombstone machining and multi-task machining.

"Popular for the variety of solutions it offers, GibbsCAM has become particularly renowned as one of the very few CAM products capable of powering Multi Tasking Machines," said Mr. Lee.

"While MTM machines increase accuracy and productivity, they are notoriously extremely complex to efficiently program and run. GibbsCAM is proud to be the conduit for the effective use of these machines throughout Korea, with years of experience in the industry and a library of over 12,000 post processors supporting even the most complex machine."

The Cimatron booth at SIMTOS will feature customer stories, video simulations and data sheets depicting the success and speed at which CimatronE and GibbsCAM power the manufacturing process.

"I invite SIMTOS delegates to visit our booth to see why CimatronE and GibbsCAM have become the solutions of choice for so many manufacturers in Korea and across the world," said Mr. Lee.

The Cimatron booth will be in Hall 8, stand 8B439.