3D printing unlocks potential, helps dyslexic Founder of MAX’IS Creations transform creative idea into best selling product

ROCK HILL, South Carolina, October 22, 2015 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that Max Ash, the young Founder and Chief Creator of MAX’IS Creations, Inc. used 3D Systems’ technology to transform a school art project into a bestselling line of sports-themed mugs.

Max showed early signs of dyslexia—a learning disability that can affect a person’s ability to read, write and process language—when he was five years old. While dyslexia can often be an impediment to traditional learning in the classroom, it is also frequently associated with creative thinking. And Max is full of creative ideas.

One day, in his 2nd grade art class, Max’s teacher asked the students to make a mug out of clay. Max came up with the idea to attach a miniature basketball hoop, through which he could throw marshmallows into hot chocolate. He knew he was onto something when his classmates began to copy his design. Recognizing the business potential in The Mug With A Hoop™, Max and his parents reached out to Sean O’Reilly at 3D Printsmith to design a prototype using 3D printing technology. With a 3D Systems printed physical part in hand, Max was able to showcase his concept at the Product Pitch at Fenway contest in Boston, becoming the only child named as one of ten finalists in the competition.

Watch a video of how 3D printing helped Max communicate his ideas and bring his products to market here.

“I knew the idea of putting a basketball hoop on a mug was a good idea when my friends copied me,” said Max, now 11, who received a patent for his design this past spring. “But it wasn’t until I held the amazing 3D printed prototype in my hands that I knew this could actually be a successful business.”

Using the 3D Systems printed prototype as a demo, Max launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for production. He quickly surpassed his fundraising goals and leveraged 3D printed parts to create the molds for an initial manufacturing run in the United States. The following year, Max initiated large-scale overseas production in order to bring his mugs to market. The Mug With A Hoop™ was a huge commercial success, flying off the shelves at retailers like UncommonGoods, The Grommet, Nordstrom, Learning Express and even the Basketball Hall of Fame. During the 2014 holiday season alone, MAX’IS Creations sold out of 18,000 mugs. 

Max has since expanded his line of sports-themed mugs to include The Mug With A Glove™, The Mug With A Goalpost™, The Soccer Mug With A Goal™ and The Hockey Mug With A Net™. 3D technology enabled MAX’IS Creations to refine designs and navigate manufacturing obstacles along the way.

As his business continues to expand, Max remains committed to supporting kids like him. Five percent of the profits from the sale of MAX’IS Creations mugs are donated to charities and non-profits like understood.org that educate the public and families about dyslexia and empower dyslexic children to unlock their true potential.

“With 3D printing and scanning, children are able to take their most creative concepts and turn them into something real, meaningful and tangible—even a successful business,” said Cathy Lewis, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, 3DS. “Our technology gives everyone the means to unlock their own human potential.”

October is dyslexia awareness month. To find out more about dyslexia and other learning or attention issues, please visit www.understood.org.

To learn more about MAX’IS Creations, check out www.maxiscreations.com.

To find out more about how 3DS is unlocking human potential and empowering its customers to manufacture the future, visit www.3dsystems.com.

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