SLS uses a high-powered C02 laser to fuse small particles of powdered material to create 3 dimensional parts.  The laser selectively fuses powdered material by scanning X&Y cross-sections on the surface of a powder bed.  The model is built one layer at a time from supplied 3D CAD data. SLS is capable of producing highly durable parts for real-world testing.

  • Produce highly complex geometries
  • Durable, high-heat and chemically resistant applications
  • Impact-resistant parts for rigorous use
  • Ideal for snap fits and living hinges
  • Low-volume production solutions
  • Major time and cost benefits 
  • Large build platforms available

Tolerances for standard resolution:

  • X/Y planes: +/- .005” for the first inch, plus +/- .005” for every inch thereafter

Z plane: +/- .010” for the first inch, plus +/- .005” for every inch thereafter

SLS produces parts from impact-resistant engineering plastic, great for low- to mid-volume end-use parts, enclosures, snap-fit parts, automotive components and thin-walled ducting. 

SLS produces complex geometries, for low-volume parts that would typically require assembly using traditional manufacturing methods.

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