Our Difference

On Demand parts manufacturing with a full range of additive and subtractive technologies can help shorten lead times and produce what you need where you need it.

Rapidly Reconfigure Your Supply Chain with 3D Systems On Demand
  • Supply Chain Agility with On Demand Production

    3D Systems On Demand has advanced manufacturing facilities around the world with a team of application engineers providing expertise and localized support for your project. Whether you need a prototype, verification of a design or an appearance model, or are looking for low-volume or bridge manufacturing, we can help you and can produce parts in as fast as 24 hours.

  • Agile, On Demand Supply Model
  • A Wide Array of 3D Printing Technologies

    Additive technologies for production include Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Printing (DMP), and Figure 4 ultra-fast printing.

  • A Versatile Portfolio of 3D Printing Materials

    They include plastic, elastomer, composite, wax, metal, biocompatible and more.

  • Traditional Manufacturing Capabilities

    Cast urethane, CNC machining, injection molding, metal-die casting, and sheet metal.

  • Global Resources, Local Manufacturing

    Access to one of the largest service bureaus in the industry offering a range of digital manufacturing processes through our global advanced manufacturing facilities.

  • 24/7 Online Access to Parts Ordering

    Get instant online access to upload your file and get expert support to manufacture your parts today.

  • A row of 3D Printers in a facility
  • Direct Digital Production with Additive Manufacturing

    Production-grade materials and additive manufacturing technologies provide direct production options for low volume production and bridge manufacturing. Save on tooling costs with 3D printing direct from a file, and take advantage of speed to market. We offer a range of technologies and materials, including Direct Metal Printing (DMP), Figure 4 with production-grade plastics, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) with PA11 and PA12 nylon, and Stereolithography (SLA).

  • Traditional Manufacturing Technologies

    We provide manufacturing expertise in traditional technologies such as cast urethane, CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal and die casting to meet your production needs.

  • Cast Urethane pouring
  • Investment Casting ICI
  • Investment Casting Patterns

    3D printed casting patterns offer a tool-free, fast, reliable and accurate alternative to patterns created using tooling, reducing the costs of creating pattern by as much as 90%, and produced in one-tenth of the time. With two key 3D printing materials – Stereolithography (SLA) plastic with our proprietary QuickCast patterns, and wax patterns, your casting patterns can be competed in days or a couple of weeks, with little to no restriction on the size of the casted part.

More Additive and Subtractive Processes

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SLS 3D printing reduces weight of micro UAV by 20 pounds, reducing amount of parts and adding advanced design into the stators that could not be produced using traditional processes...
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Additional On Demand Manufacturing Services

  • What Can You 3D Print With Metals?

    Design, test and produce metal parts with 3D printing that are simply not possible with standard manufacturing. Create lightweight, high-strength structures and deliver new capabilities.

  • Advantages of Plastic 3D Printing

    3D print with plastics to build almost anything - used for prototyping, manufacturing, anatomical models and more. Select a plastic material and 3D technology to deliver the characteristics you need.

  • colorful 3d printed materials


    Our extensive and versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials addresses the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing, with plastic, elastomer, composite, wax, metal, bio-compatible and more material types.

  • a screenshot of 3D System's Cimatron software


    Our engineering software enables the creation of 3D data from scans, design and using that data in manufacturing, 3D printing and 3D inspection of production parts.

  • printers link


    As the originator of 3D printing, 3D Systems offers a wide range of 3D printing technologies -- from metal to plastics, and from entry-level to production systems.

  • Need help? We’re here.

    With advanced manufacturing facilities around the world, our team of application engineers provides industry and manufacturing expertise, all with localized support. We offer 24/7 access online, or you can contact our facilities directly and a project manager can help you with your needs.