• ANGIO Mentor Suite Product Image

    ANGIO Mentor Suite

    Provides a true-to-life Cath Lab/ ANGIO Suite clinical environment with a full body mannequin and a large fluoroscopy/vital signs monitor – ideal for multi-disciplinary team training.
    The system allows tool introduction from 5 optional access sites, and is ergonomically designed to allow table height adjustment and C-arm control panel position.

    Integration of an actual C-arm into the simulation environment is an optional addition to help create an even more realistic setting and to enhance team training for endovascular procedures.
    In this set-up, the physical rotation of the C-arm is reflected in both the fluoroscopic image and the virtual C-arm simulation on the monitor.

    3ds healthcare angio c arm team training image

    TEE Probe Integration- 
    Coming Soon!

    Creates a realistic work environment and ideal for team training!

    A modified TEE probe is connected to adapted patient mannequin, which allows the trainee to introduce the TEE probe and practice basic TEE operation, maneuvering and image interpretation. Provides practice of live echo guidance for interventions that require TEE imaging.

    TEE probe kit includes:

    • Modified mannequin for TEE practice
    • Probe and related hardware
    • Specific SW package:
      • TEE training module
      • Revised Transseptal Puncture module with live TEE functionality


  • ANGIO Mentor Flex Product Image

    ANGIO Mentor Flex

    A compact and easy to use solution for various training needs, especially suitable for remote meetings and courses. Light, foldable and packed in a small case, it can be checked-in as luggage on flights within airline weight restrictions.

    The system is easily set up by connecting only 3 cables. Smooth service and field support are enabled by the dockable tracking stations that can be replaced quickly and easily without opening the system.

    Available in both single and dual access configurations, the ANGIO Mentor Flex can run all ANGIO Mentor modules and the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ software.

  • ANGIO Tab Pro

    ANGIO Tab Pro

    An ultra-portable, carry-on solution, packed in a small and light-weight suitcase designed for maximum protection. Easy to setup in less than a minute.

    It is deal for device demonstration (for clinical reps), teaching procedural steps (for hospitals/training centers) or rehearsing at home for an upcoming procedure.

    Enables physical introduction and manipulation of one tool using a tracking unit, as well as device deployment using an authentic handle. All simulation elements are controlled by keyboard and touch gesture.

    Runs 30+ ANGIO Mentor modules.




  • ARTHRO Mentor Platform

    The ARTHRO Mentor offers state-of-the-art training tools for arthroscopic surgery skills acquisition.  The simulator features a line of simulated procedures focusing on the main joints with 3D images and haptic sensation, to allow users to learn key aspects of the procedures, in a didactic and safe environment.

    The procedures themselves range in difficulty from the very basic – to advanced complicated procedures.

    ARTHRO Mentor II
    • Height adjustable platform
    • Robotic arms for dynamic haptics
    • Interchangeable knee/shoulder/hip models with Integrated storage
    • Fully articulated knee model that can be extended/bent and be applied with Varus/Valgus
    • Shoulder model in beach chair and lateral decubitus positions
    • Hip model in supine and lateral decubitus positions
    • Foot pedals and arthroscopic handles

    ARTHRO Mentor II



  • BRONCH Express

    BRONCH Express

    The BRONCH Express is a portable desktop simulator that was co-developed with CHEST (the American College of Chest Physicians).  This virtual reality simulator for Endobronchial Ultrasound – Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) training was developed to provide a meaningful yet affordable hands-on training solution for the growing demand for EBUS-TBNA training and qualification.

    The increasing demand for EBUS among pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons presents the challenge of establishing training to gain proficiency in performing the procedure safely and efficiently. Virtual patient cases offer a realistic anatomical environment based on actual patient data, seamlessly immersed in a controlled, educationally enhanced training environment.

  • GI-BRONCH Mentor™

    BRONCH Mentor

    The Combined GI-BRONCH Mentor Platform Offers a Comprehensive Training Environment for GI Endoscopy and Flexible Bronchoscopy

    The BRONCH Mentor provides a true to life working environment using an authentic scope with tactile feedback, and realistic visualization displayed on a 24” touch screen.
    The flexible system configuration supports either lateral or posterior working positions for either team or solo training.

    A physical syringe enables realistic fluids delivery and BAL performance, while a physical master tool simulates a wide variety of bronchoscopic tools, such as biopsy forceps, cytology brush, aspirating needle, balloon, electrocautery probes and more.
    Since the master tool requires user activation both in the working channel and of the tool handle, it is optimal for team training; solo trainees can use the virtual activation feature as an additional pair of hands.

  • GI Mentor™Express

    GI Mentor Express

    The GI Mentor Express is a portable platform that features the most advanced GI endoscopy simulation.  The GI Mentor Express is offered in several configurations for enhanced flexible pricing.

  • LAP Mentor III

    LAP Mentor 

    • Superior Haptic Feedback
    • Ergonomic design:
      • Adjustable height

    The newly designed platform addresses all ergonomic needs essential for comfortably practicing laparoscopic skills and procedures including adjustable height and optimal monitor position to ensure maintaining an ideal posture and hands position for long periods of training.

    A tactile experience of tissue resistance feedback via the surgical tools provides a true-to-life feel of performing laparoscopic surgery.

  • LAP Mentor Express

    LAP Mentor Express

    • Portable
    • Cost effective
    • Height adjustable tower – optional
    • Non-haptic
    • Ideal for team training

    The non-haptic laparoscopic training system is available either as a standalone portable desktop platform or with an optional height adjustable tower, which includes a touch screen.

  • PELVIC Mentor Platform

    PELVIC Mentor™ is an integrated hybrid system that combines a physical mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system.

    The innovative PELVIC Mentor’s utilizes sensors that are placed on the trainee’s finger. These sensors, combined with the mannequin and the 3D picture, enable the trainee to obtain a real-time indication of the finger palpation, abdominal press and cervix manipulation during anatomical recognition phase, or while performing a pelvic exam.

    The system tracks the trainee’s movements and provides a full performance report on the progress and level of the trainee.

    The system was designed with an attractive yet smart design that is ideal for the learning experience.

    Replacement mechanism – The PELVIC Mentor contains various interchangeable anatomies that represent normal and pathological pelvic anatomy  so that learners can experience different anatomical structures.

  • URO- PERC Mentor Platform

    URO/PERC Mentor Platforms

    The Combined URO- PERC Mentor Platform Offers a Comprehensive Training Environment for Endourology and percutaneous renal access

    The URO Mentor’s unique hardware and software were developed for the simulation of cystoscopy and ureteroscopy procedures using actual case scenarios. The system features authentic rigid and flexible cystoscopes and ureteroscopes, including working channels for tool insertion.
    To complete the training experience actual tool handles operate as they do in real procedures, providing the necessary practice with endourology tools prior to working on patients.

    The PERC Mentor designed to provide hand on training in percutaneous renal access under fluoroscopic guidance.
    Taking cost and convenience into consideration, the PERC Mentor add-on operates on the same platform as the URO Mentor with an additional mannequin to provide the puncture site.

    The PERC Mentor platform, designed for realistic training, includes a mannequin that represents the virtual patient’s torso approached from the back.

  • RobotiX Mentor

    ROBOTIX Mentor Platform

    State-of-the-art Stand-alone Simulation for the Training of Robotic Assisted Surgery

    • The most realistic representation of robotic surgery hand movements with accurate robotic kinematics, tools and workspace.
    • Surgeons’ console provides authentic representation of the robotic surgeon’s workspace, master controllers and pedals.
    • A 3D HD stereoscopic personal display exhibits life-like graphics.
    • Adjustable elements enable a comfortable and ergonomic working position.
    • An additional monitor for the instructor may be positioned separately for best group viewing.


  • Optimal Team Training – RobotiX Mentor with LAP Mentor Express

    Optimal Team Training – RobotiX Mentor with LAP Mentor Express

    Team training option enabled by incorporation of the LAP Mentor Express to allow the surgical assistant to collaborate with the robotic surgeon in practice, as in real procedures. The primary surgeon and the laparoscopic assistant practice the skills together in the same training environment and actively affect simulation, in order to improve communication skills and synchronization within the team.

    Team training is available for basic skills tasks and clinical procedure modules. The assistant can practice laparoscopic skills relevant for working with the robotic surgeon such as object transfers and handoffs, removal of objects from the operative field through the assisting trocars, retraction, suction/irrigation, clip applying and stapling. Comprehensive reports detail the performance of both the robotic surgeon and the assistant.

  • 3d-systems-healthcare-ultrasound-dual_system-image

    U/S Mentor Platform

    The U/S Mentor™ simulator combines realistic male / female mannequins with true-to-life external landmarks and realistic virtual patients for the practice of scanning and diagnosing various anatomies and pathologies.

    Training on the simulator provides a true-to-life experience, using emulated ultrasound probes for transthoracic, transabdominal, transesophageal and transvaginal procedures.

    The platform includes an innovative all-in-one computer with large high definition multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and a foot switch for simple, convenient user operation.


    HYST/TURP Mentor Platform

    Combined platform for the hands-on practice of hysteroscopy, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), transurethral resection of bladder tumors (TURB) and laser BPH treatment.

    The HYST/TURP Mentor system setup maximizes the training benefits of high end simulation and a comprehensive educational solution.

    A robust simulator design incorporates a high-end PC and 2 screens for simulation control and the procedural view, with a high precision haptic tracking device.

    An Original Resectoscope

    An adapted, original resectoscope is used to provide a complete simulation experience and to facilitate familiarization with ensodscopic instruments. As in real life, the resectoscope features:

    • Fully extractable
    • In – and outlet valves for fluid handling
    • 0º, 12º and 30º virtual cameras
    • A working element for electro-surgery including a foot pedal for electrosurgical cutting and coagulation in simulated procedures
    • An adapted scope with working channel is used in the hysteroscopic essential skills module.
    • An original hysteroscopic morcellator is provided with the morcellation module.
  • Original Resectoscope

    TURP Mentor

    The Most Advanced Training Simulator for TURP, TURB and Laser BPH Treatment

    A comprehensive educational solution enabling realistic training in the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic methods. Training includes mastering instruments and managing complications, aimed at completing TURP procedure practice and laser BPH treatment without involving live patients.

    We welcome the input of the Medical Community, and would appreciate your feedback. Please email Maya Bloch, Senior Product Manager at [email protected]

  • Simbionix GI Mentor

    GI Mentor

    The innovative GI-BRONCH Mentor platform allows for GI endoscopy and flexible bronchoscopy training alike, using authentic scopes and an adjustable 24” touch screen.

    The GI Mentor’s unique training system combines designated hardware and software to create a true-to-life sensation, including original Colonoscope and Duodenoscope, and physical master tool and guidewires to simulate a variety of endoscopic tools.

    Upper and lower GI cases are conveniently alternated, offering a comprehensive environment for gastrointestinal endoscopic hands-on training.

  • Simbionix GI Mentor Express

    The GI Mentor™Express is a portable platform that features the most advanced GI endoscopy simulation.  The GI Mentor Express is offered in several configurations for enhanced flexible pricing.