The Greatest Content Now Offering Over 30 Modules

The ANGIO Mentor's ever-expanding library of modules, includes multi-disciplinary endovascular procedures performed in an interventional suite, cath lab or an operating room. The modules are created in collaboration with leading physicians. The ANGIO Mentor development is ongoing, with new content constantly being added and existing modules being updated. Adding new procedures and devices helps keep the system up-to-date.

The library of modules supports acquiring and perfecting the skills that are essential to building confidence and proficiency in a variety of endovascular techniques and procedures. With a large variety of advanced procedural modules presenting over 230 unique patient cases, the ANGIO Mentor™ library provides more realistic, high fidelity training opportunities than any other endovascular simulator on the market today. With the addition of the innovative PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™, the number and variety of available patient cases becomes unlimited.

The ANGIO Mentor's ever-expanding library of modules: