As industries around the world migrate to improved practices in engineering, design, healthcare, manufacturing and inspection, there is a need for a workforce trained in the latest 3D technologies that enable the changes necessary to deliver greater speed and quality at lower costs.

3D Systems works with training centers and academic institutions throughout the world to give professionals and students the skills they need to adopt the advanced hardware and software that are revolutionizing a wide range of industries and social institutions.

Explore Our Applications

  • Accurate 3D body scans for use in entertainment and toy design and manufacturing tn

    3D Scanning

    Create digital 3D data of the real world to enable rapid design, engineering, prototyping, special effects, location surveys and more

  • 3D printed prototype car body model by 3D Systems On demand services

    Rethink Rapid Prototyping

    Transforming a design into a precision prototype has never been faster or more affordable. 3D Systems’ digital prototyping solutions offer streamlined workflows to accelerate your projects.

  • Product design using 3D Systems Software solutions tn

    Product Design

    Deliver innovative new product designs and build complex parts easily and without limitations with 3D Systems end-to-end design, 3D printing and manufacturing solutions

  • Medical Specialties

    Medical Specialty

    3D Systems Precision Healthcare is a pioneer in the integration of healthcare procedures and 3D printing to enable improved surgical outcomes and enhance surgical training

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