3D digital technologies are enabling gaming, TV and movie studios to satisfy their wildest creative imaginings faster and more efficiently than ever before. Applications include recreating real-world objects and characters, constructing virtual sets, devising elaborate fantasy worlds, and 3D-printing objects that would be impossible to cost-effectively construct by other means.

3D Systems products and services permeate the worldwide entertainment industry, providing cutting-edge 3D scanning, modeling and 3D printing for greater realism or flights of the imagination. The experts at 3D Systems' Gentle Giants studios have provided a host of 3D scanning services for a wide range of entertainment media, as well as 3D scanning, modeling and printing for related merchandise.

Explore Our Applications

  • Accurate 3D body scans for use in entertainment and toy design and manufacturing tn

    3D Scanning

    Create digital 3D data of the real world to enable rapid design, engineering, prototyping, special effects, location surveys and more

  • Product design using 3D Systems Software solutions tn

    Product Design

    Deliver innovative new product designs and build complex parts easily and without limitations with 3D Systems end-to-end design, 3D printing and manufacturing solutions

  • Digital sculpting allows complete freedom in product design and engineering

    Sculpted Design

    3D Systems sculpted design software solutions enable precision, manufacturable designs that embody beautiful sculpted, voxel-based organic designs

  • Full prototype through to production with 3D Systems' On-Demand Manufacturing services

    Production Parts

    Access the material and expert resources of a full manufacturing floor anywhere on the globe. 3D Systems On Demand Services provide high quality production solutions in any geometry, finish or volume.

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