Phantom Premium Haptic Devices

PHANTOM Premium 1.0 Haptic Device

The Phantom® Premium™ (formerly Sensable Phantom Premium) haptic devices fulfill the requirements of a vast range of research and commercial applications. These high-precision devices provide the largest workspaces and highest forces in the Phantom line while offering a broad range of force feedback workspaces, various ranges of motion and varying stiffness.

With ranges of motion approximating hand movement pivoting at the wrist, elbow or shoulder, the Phantom Premium can fulfill the requirements of manufacturing verification, machine component visualization, medical research and simulation, and an assortment of other haptically enabled 3D applications.

Three models make up the Phantom Premium line of haptic devices: Premium 1.0, Premium 1.5 and 1.5/HF, and Premium 3.0. While the models are designed with different ranges of motion and specifications, each one is constructed for maximum durability and simple PC connection via the parallel port (EPP) interface. See the Phantom Premium Features page for more information on the individual models.

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