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GibbsCAM® helps simplify complexity. Easily program, simulate, and control any CNC machine—from the simplest 3-axis machine to the most sophisticated multi-task machine. Its single, intuitive user interface (UI), unique UKM (universal kinematic machine) architecture, and proven track record support current and future challenges. GibbsCAM 14 includes new capabilities and enhancements to facilitate manufacturing process automation and support adoption of next-generation manufacturing technologies.

GibbsCAM 14 supports multi-task machines that use deposition additive including hybrid machines that are capable of both additive and subtractive operations in one machine and stand-alone deposition additive machines. New additive processes calculate the number of cladding layers required using your machine’s supported cladding heads. Processes present the specific technology data that are applicable to the selected head including laser and powder parameters. A single post processor creates all your CNC code, which eliminates the need to copy and splice or use multiple part programs.

  • Hybrid machining combines additive operations with subtractive operations (milling, turning, and broaching) in a single part for true hybrid machining. Automatically interweave additive and subtractive operations to maintain precise control over the size, shape, and surface condition of part features.
  • Deposition additive multi-axis surfacing supports true constant offset deposition on 3D surfaces using 3 to 5 machine axes. It includes the same tilting, clearance, and collision avoidance technology used in 5-axis milling.

Join this webinar to learn more about GibbsCAM 14 Mutli Task Machining and how it can fit your business needs. 


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