• How to bring on Metal AM as a validated process for certified parts

    Metal AM continues to prove itself as a high value-add process for producing qualified parts, offering tremendous competitive advantages where properly implemented. Yet due to limited experience with the technology, many companies are unsure how to integrate metal AM with minimal friction. Find out how 3D Systems’ Customer Innovation Centers are bridging the gap between interest and capability through AM expert consultation and AM training services.

  • Accelerate Your Path from Concept to Commercialization
  • What Can You 3D Print With Metals?

    Design, test and produce metal parts with 3D printing that are simply not possible with standard manufacturing. Create lightweight, high-strength structures and deliver new capabilities.

  • 3D Printing Metal Parts and Materials

    Direct Metal Printing (DMP) gives you complete design freedom to manufacture stronger parts that are light, durable and perform better than other means.

The CIC approach to qualified production

  • Developing & Controlling a Process Flow

    Our expert team takes a phased approach to help you establish and control your AM production workflow, covering fundamental aspects like calibration to AM-specific aspects like powder handling.

  • Process Validation

    Our methodical approach to process validation ensures your equipment is properly installed, operating to deliver the expected results, and is repeatable over a series of unique builds.

  • Product-specific validation

    An effective process delivers parts that meet their performance requirements. 3D Systems helps validate final parts to ensure they meet the demands of their application.

  • Production

    3D Systems offers several avenues to launch into production. Companies can outsource volume part fulfillment to 3D Systems and our network of certified partners, or get help transitioning to AM within their own facilities.

  • Managing Metal

    Metal AM continues to prove itself as a high value process offering tremendous competitive advantages where properly implemented. Find out how 3D Systems’ CICs bridge the gap between interest and capability to integrate metal AM into production workflows.

  • Qualifying Metal AM

    Our decades of AM expertise provide a streamlined production protocol to accelerate your path to qualified AM parts. View the infographic to learn more about the applications we support, our track record of success, and our ecosystem of proven solutions.

“3D Systems helped educate us on the additive process and worked with us to iron out our process beyond just the printing. We had a lot of open dialogue, and that communication was key to our success.”
— Jeremy Malik, Director of Product Development, NuVasive