Until now 3D printing has been considered expensive and only available to a selected few. Freedom Of Creation plans to change this by selling it's design collection as well as 3D printers at 9 Bijenkorf department stores in The Netherlands during the "3 Dwaze Dagen".

Some products of the collection will be 3D printed live on the spot during these 3 crazy Bijenkorf annual sales days. The department stores which are part of this event are Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Arnhem, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Enschede, Maastricht, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

The Bijenkorf website "3 Dwaze Dagen" is the most visited website in the Netherlands during these 3 days, with visitors numbers climbing over 3 million. It is not expected to be more quiet on the floor either since an estimated 1.2 million people will visit these sales days.

Freedom Of Creation collaborates with Bits from Bytes, a 3D printer manufacturer from the UK, in order to bring the technology into people's homes. It will be the first time 3D printers have been commercialized by a large mainstream department store chain in the world. The special Bijenkorf introduction price for the 3D printers is set at €1247,- which enables anybody to become the designer they always wanted to be.

Please follow this link for the opening times, addresses and additional information about "Drie Dwaze Dagen".

Get social and win your own 3D printer
Like last month we're also giving away a product this month, it's quite something! We're giving away one of those Bijenkorf 3D printers. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page here and share our story, the more you share, comment and tweet the bigger the chance of winning this awesome 3D printer.

What's there to win?
We're giving away an assembled Bits from Bytes Rapman 3.1 with a total value of over €1247,- Cool.. so what's in the box, it's identical to what we're selling at de Bijenkorf so it includes the Rapman 3.1 3D Printer, material, SD-cards, tool-kit and 3D files.

Note: this give-away is exclusive to people based in The Netherlands, or people who are able to pick up the machine in our Amsterdam Studio, where we will also show you how the machine works and supply you with plenty 3D content to print :-)