We love our four-legged friends for the joy they bring us, both directly with nuzzles and licks, and indirectly, through the exuberance they show in running and playing. It therefore stands to reason that we do them and ourselves a disservice when we allow physical ailments to prevent them from prancing to their full potential.

We've been performing surgical procedures to correct rear-leg lameness in dogs for quite some time, but these surgeries have typically required lengthy recovery periods, sometimes of several months. While we appreciate the final result, who can deny the desirability of a faster recovery period?

In an effort to get dogs up and playing sooner,  we’ve collaborated with Rita Leibinger Medical, a German veterinarian medicine company, to create the TTA RAPID canine implant. Enabled by the speed and accuracy of 3D Systems’ Direct Metal Printing (DMP), the TTA RAPID cuts months from the recovery time for cruciate ligament surgeries. In fact, most dogs are able to walk and run within only a few weeks of the surgery.

The design of the 3D printed titanium TTA RAPID includes a honeycomb mesh that would be impossible to produce with traditional methods. This mesh is integral and enables the bone and tissue to integrate with the implant, improving joint stability and reducing recovery time. The TTA RAPID also allows for a faster procedure overall, which means dogs are under anesthetic for less time and risk of infection goes down. The implants come in different sizes that are anodized in different colors to help vets identify the appropriate match for their furry patients.

Over 10,000 dogs of all sizes and breeds have been implanted with the TTA RAPID to date, and each has gotten back to running and frolicking within six weeks.

Check out the video below to watch these dogs get back to their tail-wagging selves faster than ever before.