End-use 3D printed SLS part

It’s a problem not many think of when they’re blissfully enjoying a refreshing ice cream cone, but somehow, some way, the ice cream machine must be cleaned. Once a very labor-intensive process, it is also a very necessary one. This is where Idea Boxx and 3D printing came into play.

Idea Boxx focuses on conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing products that improve and positively impact different industries. As they claim on their website: “There’s nothing Idea Boxx can’t make better.” That includes ice cream.

To improve the cleaning of soft-serve machines, Idea Boxx decided to use SLS 3D printing at Finnovation, a service provider offering industrial-strength 3D printing services in New York State, and they came up with the Hydra Rinse. The device offers one-touch automation, fast set up, and cleaning with no harsh chemicals.

During development, the engineers at Idea Boxx wanted to perform functional testing to validate their designs prior to tooling and manufacturing. Using 3D Systems’ sPro 60 SLS printer, Finnovation created functioning assemblies for testing in less than 24 hours.

Read more about this project on the Finnovation blog: