A couple of weeks ago we told you about an awesome summer 3D scanning workshop for high school students in North Carolina's Richmond County Schools."The Summer of Kainotomia 2013" is the brainchild of Jeff Epps, the district's Director of Informational Technology.

Summer_of_Kainotomania.pngJeff has checked in after the workshop's first week via a fantastic video, and so far it looks like a huge success. The level of interest that they're seeing from kids around the district really shows the students' thirst for such an introduction to applied technology. And credit Jeff for showing our future engineers and scientists how 3D design tools can be used to provide real-world solutions to the challenges they'll face in the future. He's even trying to get this kind of curriculum into the district on a full-time basis so every student can have access to it.

Click here to watch the kids work with Geomagic Studio and a bunch of other 3D design software.