3D Systems Geomagic Solutions is going to summer school as a proud partner of the Richmond County School District for its"Summer of Kainotomia 2013" scanning summer camp.

DSC_0076.JPGStudents in grades 5 - 12 will get the unique opportunity to use Geomagic Studio and Microsoft Kinect to scan real-world objects and prepare that scan data for use in a variety of 3D modeling applications. The workshop will focus on applications like construction, healthcare, automotive and engineering. Students will work progressively toward solving real-world problems within these areas using 3D technology. It's an excellent opportunity for students to get a taste of all the cool new toys that are energizing a variety of industries and changing processes across the board. Furthermore, students will attend regular after-school sessions during the school year to complement their summer experience.

"3D visualization is a powerful 21st century skill. We want to expose our students to it as early as possible so they can have years to master the technology. Furthermore, by infusing the engineering process into the workshop, students can develop the level of thinking that is necessary to build and rebuild the world around them," said Jeff Epps, director of informational technology at Richmond County Schools."An engineer exists in each student regardless of his or her current level of math or science. For each student that shows a desire to learn 3D visualization and simulation, we will bring that engineer to the surface and take them to higher levels of student achievement."

The event takes place June 18 - 20, June 25 - 27, July 23 - 25, and July 30 - August 1 in the computer lab in the Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy.

And the best part: Students can participate for free.