Blacand white is a thing of the past. This has been the case in television for nearly 60 years now, and as of this week, it’s also true for plastic 3D printing. Building from 3D Systems’ ColorJet Printing technology, it is now possible to 3D print in full-color plastics, bringing a whole new level of functionality and artistry to designers, engineers, artists and innovators. What’s more, these vibrant, high-res prints are created sustainably, with a green printing process that reduces waste, and in turn, cost. (Parts left are designs by

Though color 3D printing has been commercially available since 1994, this new advance in material technology allows the aesthetics of accurate color printing to combine with the strength of plastic. 3D Systems’ new VisiJet® C4 Spectrum material is durable, making full-color, functional prototypes and real-use products possible without painting or post-processing. The ProJet® 4500 is the first and only continuous tone, full-color plastic 3D printer on the market today and is ushering in 3D Printing 2.0.?