What do a blender, a coffee machine and 3D Systems’ new ProJet® 1200 have in common? They can all fit comfortably on your kitchen counter, and they all have the potential to make great things. Though the new micro-SLA printer is a tad more expensive than most countertop appliances, the cost is incredible for the capability it extends. Professionals and entrepreneurs are looking at a mere $4,900 to park this petite powerhouse on their tabletop or bookshelf and get printing with operating costs of roughly a dollar per part. Going back to our kitchen comparisons, that’s an order of fast food fries. (Left: The ProJet 1200 at Euromold 2013)

Especially well-suited for dental fixtures and jewelry settings, the ProJet 1200 is a closed and compact system that produces high detail parts for a variety of casting and prototyping applications, using a no-fuss, all-in-one cartridge. First displayed this week at EuroMold in Frankfurt, Germany, keep your eye out for more on this huge breakthrough in early 2014. (Left: A green dental wax-up created in the ProJet 1200 along with the final crown)