3D Systems attended the 113th Annual session of the American Association of Orthodontists with Sirona Dental Systems and demonstrated a 3D printed customer friendly solution for treatment options as well as a practice marketing tool.  Sirona and 3D Systems showed the combination of the FaceScanner accesory to the Sirona GALILEOS 3D x-ray system and the new ProJet460Plus 3D Color printer live in the Sirona booth.  
Attendees were scanned with the FaceScanner and their face scans were turned into custom USB memory stick holders which were then printed on the 3D Systems ProJet 460Plus in the booth.  Also shown were face scans and x-ray scans taken simultaneously that can be used to show before and after treatment options from treatment planning software. 3D Systems new cloud based medical modeling software, Bespoke Modeling, was shown that can take a DICOM data set and turn it into a 3D color model with just a few mouse clicks which can then be printed on the ProJet x60 series color 3D printers.  
This will enable dental professionals to educate and communicate with patients and medical coworkers with actual physical models representing the patients actual anatomy.