Rapid 2012 - a major US annual gathering of people, designers, companies, and providers in the 3D rapid prototyping markets - kicks off today in Atlanta, GA. The event demonstrates the growing trend of how artists and creators are utilizing 3D technologies for their expression, while highlighting leaders in manufacturing who are changing our world using 3D. As an event which, successfully, mingles art with science, the diverse groups of people attending treat it as a unique opportunity to learn from each other.

Geomagic and Sensable teams are exhibiting at RAPID 2012, of course, but our teams are vastly outnumbered by the amount of customers showing and presenting designs, products and artwork created using Geomagic and Sensable.

Here are just a few already being featured at the event today:


(Image above) The bust of the Knight of Levis is part of a full 7'9" model created by Charles-Olivier Roy of Artisans Du Passage, for a new, scaled-up bronze cast based on an original statue situated at the National Assembly of Quebec building. Using a Creaform Handyscan and Geomagic Studio, the artist split the scan data into 110 parts in Geomagic, reassembled into 6 large components, 3D printed the components using a 3D Systems Zprinter, and the physical model was then used to create ceramic bronze casting parts.

Artist Heather Gorham has an exhibit at the event called Lost Dog, Found'. One of this artist's strengths is in presenting figurative art using animal imagery. The two conjoined greyhounds were created using Freeform, and printed on an EOS SLS printer. (Image below)


The Twist exhibit by Shawn Smith uses both Geomagic Studio and Freeform to create a new twist on one of his old sculptures. According to Smith, he scanned the original pixillated rabbit head sculpture and twisted the entire piece using Freeform before 3D printing the sculpture. (Image below)


In addition, customers, partners and resellers including Schneider Electric, eQualityTech Inc., Wenzel and a host of others are giving presentations on Geomagic and Sensable software throughout the event.

Geomagic Industrial products for 3D Imaging and Metrology can be seen at Booth #320 and the Geomagic Sensable technologies for touch-enabled design are on hand at booth #200.(Image below: Our new Sensable booth before the crowds turn up.)


We hope to see you all there