Show-and-tell was always the best part of school. It's even better now, especially when it involves some of the most advanced 3D scanning technologies around.

On November 7, 2012, Geomagic® welcomed one of our scanning partners, Creaform®, to showcase their incredible 3D scanning hardware at the first-ever Geomagic 3D Scanning Workshop, held at our Morrisville, N.C., headquarters. In attendance were 20+ current and potential Geomagic customers from the manufacturing, textile, education, research and electronics industries.

Creaform_Open_House_1.JPG Creaform_Open_House_4.JPG

Creaform's Glen Mitchell scans a plastic
fan blade with the HandySCAN 3D.

Nick Chwalek discusses Geomagic's features.

Over a continental breakfast participants heard about Geomagic and our line of 3D processing software - presented by Nick Chwalek, our Senior Sales Manager - including the metrology capabilities and features of Geomagic Qualify®, the value of reverse engineering using Geomagic Studio®, a diverse group of case studies, and details on Geomagic's 2013 software releases.

Up next, Glen Mitchell of Creaform presented live demonstrations, scanning and probing everything from machined parts to F-16 models. Glen's demonstration used Creaform's C-Track™ dual-camera sensor in tandem with HandyPROBE™, Creaform's portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and MetraSCAN 3D™, their optical CMM scanning system. Attendees got a first hand glimpse of the freedom of movement and usability that Creaform's products bring to 3D scanning. (MetraSCAN 3D got extra points for its science fiction looks!)


Glen Mitchell scans an F-16 model with the C-Track and MetraSCAN 3D.

After the presentations, it was test drive time. Stationed throughout - in addition to the C-Track, HandyPROBE and MetraSCAN 3D - were Creaform's highly accurate Handyscan 3D™ and their new Go!SCAN 3D™, an easy and affordable scanning solution. Many participants brought specific physical objects, some representing distinct design challenges, to be scanned by the variety of scanners. And it was impressive to see both the results and the multitude of industries in which Geomagic and Creaform can help. At the Go!SCAN 3D station, for instance, they were scanning clothing components, the Handyscan 3D was processing data from a zoological skull, and plastics manufacturers scanned fan blades with the MetraSCAN. Even the educators in the room discussed how these technologies could be used for collegiate-level industrial engineering as well as high school CSI club and reverse engineering projects.

Geomagic hopes to follow with additional 3D Scanning Workshops in the coming year, inviting other 3D scanning hardware and 3D printing partners. It's all part of our effort to promote the benefits of 3D and help our customers apply 3D technology for the benefit of humanity.