Warner Bros' Dolphin Tale movie, released late last year, tells a true story of an injured dolphin, a boy, and some pretty innovative doctors. Winter the dolphin lost her tail in a crab trap and was rescued by marine biologists at Florida's Clearwater Marine Aquarium. However tailless, Winter had problems swimming - a life-threatening situation for a dolphin. But we'll let you watch the movie to see the outcome.

dolphine-3-scan.pngTo make the movie, the production team combined real footage of Winter along with animatronics and 3D visual effects to tie it all into a stunning and realistic visual story. Neometrix, a provider of scanning services and solutions in Florida used a Creaform scanner and Geomagic Studio to deliver the 3D model for the visual effects.

You can read the full story about making 3D for Dolphin's Tale here or by selecting the image (left).