Moving swiftly with our software is one thing. Moving to a new headquarters requires some kind of additional metal in the Geomagic teams' spines that you can neither buy or rent.

Through willpower and an overriding spirit of we can do anything' Geomagic got itself moved today into new headquarters offices in Research Triangle Park, NC. The new premises will allow the company to pursue new projects, expand on teams and be able to have an environment that will be pleasant for employees and visitors alike.

Right now, even late at night on a Friday, the Admin and IT teams are still working to get additional server and office services running, and a core team of helpers will be back at the office on Saturday morning to assist. We have inside info that IT/IS will be spending all night at the office fuelled by that great RTP institution known as Randy's Pizza, and assisted by Commercial Works who moved all the crates, set up the PCs and got all the gear into the new location.

Comments from the teams range from Organized chaos' to Doing a Superman down the hall on a moving dolly was a blast!'

Honorable mentions go to the IT/IS team and Admin, who put up with the endless questions that ranged from where do I label my crate' through to Will my computer make it to my new office?'

The Engineering dept., and Finance, regardless of all my rude comments prior, turned up to help, pack and assist. And Tech Support finally realized the phones were down at noon and took their work home with them. (Some teams are just too focused )

Even while it isn't all done at this point, Geomagic is proud to be in its new headquarters. Selected photos are below.

John Toups, who has led the entire move, expresses himself

When we told contacts we were elbow-deep in bubblewrap, we weren't kidding!!

Our new downstairs lobby...gotta love it

Duelling boxes, compliments of TJ and Drew in Engineering and QA