By John Lockhart, Product Manager, Geomagic

Soon, I'll be blogging about the many very cool but less-than-obvious features that will be available in Geomagic Qualify Probe 2012. But, given that most folks are just getting their first look at this new product, I want to hit the highlights and talk about some new capabilities and workflows you get to dig into when you first get your hands on this new software.

Probing Workflows - The new capabilities that we have developed for tactile probing solutions - particularly for users of portable CMMs - are so complete that we have been able to respond to our partners' requests to publish Geomagic Qualify Probe as an entry-level probing solution with a cross-grade path to Geomagic Qualify.

When you get your first look at the Home tab in Geomagic Qualify Probe, here is a workflow you can use to hit a few of the highlights:

  • Pick a part to inspect and open up its associated CAD file if you have one.
  • Align the device coordinate system to the part using the new Iterative Alignment method. Iterative Alignment provides a fast and accurate alignment method that is easy to use on non-prismatic parts.
  • Once you are even just roughly aligned, use Quick Probe' to quickly probe features using the automatic feature recognition based on the aligned CAD.
  • Quick Probe creates the nominal along with the measured features. So, you can immediately go to Feature Base alignment or Compare Features annotations.
  • Launch Real-Time Deviation to get instant CAD compensated deviation with a go/no-go window in the new digital readout.

Integrated CAD translators and PMI support - Direct CAD translation for CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Inventor, and Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) are built into every copy of Geomagic Qualify Probe at no additional cost. Even better, the translators will import nominal features and GD&T from CAD.

GD&T Support - Geomagic Qualify Probe allowed us to continue to enhance our Geometric Design &Tolerance (GD&T) support with true position callouts for 2D features, concentricity, and straightness of surface just to name a few.

Scripting Interfaces - We have exposed new scripting interfaces that provide access to point and polygon functionality as well as features. Besides automation, these interfaces provide access to properties of objects. So, you can access the properties of objects such as features you create in python code. What you can do this these interfaces is open ended and well beyond the scope of this post, but if you are interested, I encourage you to check out the new script editor which is now a new tab in the graphics window, and the documentation and examples located in the \help\platform subdirectory of the product installation.

Engineers and manufacturers interested in trying out a free trial of Geomagic Qualify Probe can pre-register here:

We hope you enjoy the latest measurement software tool from the Geomagic portfolio!!