Search now for our very own John Carter on the new, exciting Geomagic web site and you can win an Amazon gift card.

John Carter, here at Geomagic (yes, he's real) works some really weird hours.

As our Senior Sales Operations Specialist John leads the effort to get Sales processed. This means he often works during the night with our Chinese and Japanese teams, early in the mornings with the European teams or at weekends (but he says that's just to catch up on the pesky emails from Marketing). But he sometimes can be invisible during the normal working day and even we don't get to see him!

But now you have a chance to see John on Geomagic's new website. Search through our new, customer-friendly web site, check out a few products, even try some of them out! If you find John, he will tell you exactly what to do to win a $20 Amazon gift card. The first 5 to find John, and follow the instructions, will win. Happy hunting.

Your first clue: The photo with this blog post shows you what he looks like

Go to to start your search

p.s. To all Geomagic teams - you have to sit on your hands on this one.