This week, Geomagic and Nikon Metrology announced a new agreement that makes integrated scanning-to-3D available using the Nikon ModelMaker laser scanners and Geomagic software.

Nikon Mtrology scanner

The integration is made available using the Nikon Metrology API inside Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify which then enables control tools for the laser scanner, including scanner parameter modifications and running of qualification routines. The resulting data feeds directly into the Geomagic software for reverse engineering into usable 3D data formats and for immediate inspection of parts.

Here at Geomagic we can get excited about even the smallest things, but we think this is a pretty huge deal not just for us but our customers too! If You would like to see a demo of Geomagic software and Nikon Scanners, please email: [email protected] .