By Karl Matthews, Vice President of Product Management, Geomagic

With the 2012 launch in full swing, it is easy to think of Geomagic from just the perspective of our software. Great though the software is, sometimes it is important to remember that the strength of our organization depends fundamentally on the people who work here. Not only do we have fantastic people, but we periodically fine tune team roles and responsibilities to enhance the level of service we provide our customers and partners...

Karl230.jpg(Image left: Karl Matthews.) As our software evolves, so change the demands and priorities on the organization. The new scripting in version 2012 is incredibly powerful, and we want to give the best possible support to customers and partners. It is important to us that everyone make the most of new opportunities to customize and automate our products. A new role was recently created for a Developer Support Specialist and Evangelist, now filled by Richard Sandham, who previously worked in our QA team. Richard has already delivered the first of an ongoing series of posts dedicated to helping folk get up to speed.

Richard reports into the same team as our world-class technical support. Leading that team, Steven Perkins was recently promoted to Director of Customer Services. Steven's team now also includes our Training organization, reflecting an important drive for consistency across all of our post-sales customer/partner touch-points: technical support, technical documentation, developer support and user training.

On the Product Management side of the house, Kevin Scofield is taking on additional responsibilities to cover our inspection products (Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Qualify Probe) in addition to Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Wrap (used to create 3D models of physical objects for reverse engineering, design, modeling and more). With many of our customers opting for the Geomagic Studio and Qualify Bundle, it makes sense for us to integrate product direction for both inspection and modeling, to optimize cross-product workflows. (Image to right: Richard Sandham)

sandman_pic.jpgWith a significant recruitment drive in our plans, we will be adding to our teams throughout the year. Well-qualified candidates are encouraged to check out our job openings, sign up for job notifications or send us their resume. Geomagic is a happy and growing family and we pride ourselves in ensuring new members quickly feel right at home.