Check out the testimonial below from our very own Rajeev Kulkarni, VP of Global Engineering, as he discusses his first encounter with printers developed by our recent acquisition, Bits From Bytes.

A few weeks ago we were given an opportunity to build parts on two BFB printers. By “we,” I mean five engineers who among us have close to 75+ years of experience in inventing rapid prototyping and 3D Printing technology. The five of us have been part of several innovation cycles where we’ve invented SLA®, Inkjet Printing, SLS® and Film Transfer Imaging technologies and products.
So when we were asked to test the BFB Printer, although we were very open, we did bring a hint of skepticism. Skepticism in the form of – “What will we learn here that we already do not know?”
And to sum it up, the entire experience was a pleasant surprise. The installation was a breeze and the systems were up and running within an hour. The systems were very robust and the process of building a part was very forgiving. The approach to starting a build is very simple and designed for a non-technical user. The software was simple and easy to use. Perhaps most surprisingly, the sidewalls and the flat surfaces had very good surface quality.
With no training and no special operational instructions, we were building about 2-3 parts daily for a few weeks. Due to the luxury of having different part and support materials, we could get “ready to use” parts within minutes of them being built.
We all learned a lesson from this exercise. A lesson about ease of use, product simplicity, process simplicity and user focus. Overall we cherished the opportunity to build parts on the BFB system. At its current price and part quality, this is a creative person’s dream come true. A perfect tool to bring ideas to reality!