Celebrating his 70th birthday 3D Systems co-founder and CTO, Chuck Hull, once again ventures into the unknown with something not seen before, MQast™!

MQast™ is a unique and proprietary technology that quickly delivers high-quality complex geometry metal parts for functional testing, design verification and end-use for short-run production.

3D Systems and Scicon Technologies are partnering up to deliver MQast™ LLC, an online provider of rapid, high-quality complex metal parts.

3D Systems’ co-founder and CTO, Chuck Hull, says:

“The MQast™ process delivers aluminum or stainless steel parts directly from CAD
in days, and the parts are ideally suited for aerospace, medical and automotive

Scott Turner, president of Scicon Technologies, says:

“Having worked with and evaluated all existing traditional and Additive
Manufacturing methods to fabricate complex metal parts, I believe that MQast is
by far the fastest and best choice for rapid metal parts available today.”

The MQast™ aluminum and stainless steel parts are available for immediate delivery and can be ordered at www.mqast.com. You can also see the MQast™ metal parts on display today through Thursday at RAPID 2009 in 3D Systems’ Booth #215.

What a great way to celebrate a birthday. Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Read 3D Systems’ press release on MQast™ here.