What Do Our Customers Say About FabPro?

“Overall I am impressed with the build speed and accuracy of the FabPro 1000, when comparing to other Desktop resin printers in this price range. You can expect more dimensional accuracy, on downward facing features that require support removal due to the optimized support structures which minimize deformation when compared to other printers in this range.”
Werner Blumenthal, President of WB Engineering, Inc.
"The FabPro 1000's speed allowed me to build parts and finish them in the same day, and the surface quality rivals what I've seen on more expensive technologies. Changing materials was also easy compared to other systems - there is no need to purge print heads as it is building from the tray and I can just add more material to the tray."
Scott Young, Engineering Manager, Bastech, Inc
  • Reviews and Accolades

    Engineering.com recently reviewed the FabPro 1000 for their readers, and summarized, “FabPro 1000 is an excellent entry-level 3D printer that can produce good looking, high-quality parts. If you’re looking to incorporate additive manufacturing into your business and don’t know where to start, FabPro 1000 might be just what you’re looking for.” 

    3D Systems commissioned Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab to conduct a test of the 3D Systems FabPro 1000 alongside four other resin-based 3D printers in its class. Each device was tested and evaluated in the following categories: Ease of Setup; Operational Evaluation; Product Features and Specifications; Output Speed; and Output Quality. Each category evaluated had specific test files and evaluation criteria.

    " Overall, the FabPro 1000 is a competitive system and a good value for the price", Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab

  • Highlighted Customer Applications

    The FabPro 1000 has an entry-level price point with the ability to perform powerful applications in engineering prototyping and production, as well as in jewelry design and manufacturing.

    Transforming productivity for distributed, agile manufacturing enterprises

    What is the problem?

    Manufacturers in agile environments want to build increased productivity in their engineering teams and are looking for solutions to enable this.

    How do we address it?

    FabPro 1000 delivers reliable, fast, affordable desktop printing within a distributed manufacturing enterprise. This entry-level industrial system produces high-quality parts with lightning speed, remarkably low operating costs and unsurpassed ease of use.